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Host a private painting party!
Girls Night Out * Date Night * Birthday Parties * Bachelorette Parties
Club & Corprate Events * Family Reunions * Fundraisers * Holiday Parties
Showers * DIY Workshops * any special celebration!
Hosting a painting session is easy and FREE to you as a host or hostess! 
Invite your family and friends or create a Facebook event
and open your event to anyone in your community!


Where do I start?  You may contact me and we can set a date for your special event.

Contact info:



Facebook: visit Painting Parties By Lucy and send a message.

What is the fee? Prices start at $30 and up per participant. Host(ess) paints for free for hosting a party.

Special pricing and packages offered for kids parties. 

Do I select the painting?  Yes! If you have a theme in mind such as landscape, Fall, Christmas, flower, animals, etc...

Let me know and I will send you painting ideas via Facebook message or text.  The day of the event I paint along with the guests and give step by step instruction from start to finish. No prior painting experience required.

I'm looking for a fun and unique way to raise funds for my charity or group. Do you host fundraisers? Yes! And they are a lot of fun. I lower my rate and you may choose to charge your guests what ever you wish above that. The difference between my rate and your charge goes towards your profit for your charity.

How many guests can I have?  a minimum of 12 or more guests is required. You, as a host/hostess receives their canvas for FREE!

The maximum number guests at this time is 30 people.

Where can I host my event? Painting sessions can be held just about anywhere! You can hold it in your home, local bar, club, church, restaurant or workplace. 

What does it include?  I will supply table coverings, canvases, paints, brushes, easels, aprons, etc. Step by step instruction will be given to help you create your awesome masterpiece!  Set up and cleanup of materials is included.

What do I need to provide for my event?  If you wish to provide food and beverages to your guests, that is up to you! 

Hosting the event in your home; you can supply anything you wish, including alcoholic beverages for adults.

If you host an event in a public establishment, you will need to abide by their rules and liquor law regulations. 

If the facility serves drinks and food; your guests may order if they wish.

How long is a painting class/ DIY class?  I would need to set up one hour prior to the starting time. Depending on the painting you choose, it may take 1 and a half to 3 hours for the class. Also, clean up would take about 45 minutes.

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